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Creative Resources

Looking for the Right Words or Images? This is the Place!

Brainstorming -- Stumped for an idea?  These resources can help.

Writing -- Put it down on paper.

Images -- A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  

Presentation -- Software that brings your words and images to life.

Resources for Hire -- Don't want to do it yourself?  Look here for resources to help



        Introduction to Creative Thinking -- by Robert Harris.

        Creative Thinking Techniques -- by Robert Harris.


        Brainstorming --  site loaded with ideas, techniques, and software for brainstorming

        Brainstormer -- software designed to help you generate great ideas. Best used among a group, BrainStormer directs you through a complete brainstorming session, step-by-step.  Free 30-day trial.

        Brainstorming 101 -- includes brainstorming and idea generation software

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BE Online -- gateway to writing resources, including dictionaries, acronyms, thesauri, etc.

Bartlett's Famous Quotations -- quotations over the ages to spice up your writing.  Searchable.

WWWebster Dictionary -- online dictionary with pronunciations and definitions.  Option of thesaurus entry.  From Merriam-Webster.

Language Tools from Itools -- language tools, such as dictionary, rhyming dictionary, etc.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary -- you can put in a concept, and it will give you words to consider

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Power Pictures -- rapidly expanding line of already over 20,000 professional photos and images to choose from.  Many formats and purchase options

Free Graphics -- a searchable database of the best "free graphics" sites on the web. Sites are reviewed, rated, and divided into categories for easy browsing -- or you can search the entire database for links to your specific graphic needs. -- royalty-free stock photography by subscription, with a one-month minimum. -- clip art available by subscription, with one-week minimum

Cartoon Bank -- New Yorker cartoons which can be licensed for presentations.  Also can send free e-cards.

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Paper Direct -- Stand out from the crowd!  Stationary sets, envelopes, labels and more.  Mix and match to make a powerful statement.

Microsoft Publisher 2002 icon -- Microsoft. A flexible wizard model integrated into the new Task Pane allows users to quickly and easily apply design options to create high-quality newsletters, flyers, brochures, Web sites and more. With increased support of commercial printing functionality, first introduced in Publisher 2000, and the creation of the Publisher Service Provider Program, business users can easily locate commercial printers, service bureaus, and copy shops to output Publisher files.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 icon -- Microsoft.  Communicating ideas effectively is the cornerstone of being successful in today's business environment. PowerPoint has long helped users present their ideas in a clear & concise manner by giving them a set of easy-to-use tools that make their presentations look professional!

Adobe Acrobat icon -- enables everyone in your company to create and share business documents across platforms, with original formatting intact. The software includes a complete toolset for converting electronic files into the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and publishing them on-line. Whether you use a word processor, CAD software, or Adobe FrameMaker, you can quickly deliver business documents to a colleague or to the entire company. Anyone with a Web browser and Adobe Acrobat software can access PDF files.

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Resources For Hire

Creativepro Directory -- locate resources and services for creative professionals. Find a printer in your area, locate a design firm, or join a creative association.

Advertising World Web Agencies -- list of Web advertising agencies.

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