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Direct Marketing

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General Resources -- find introductory and general information to assist you

Lists -- lists are the most important part of direct marketing.   Find list brokers, managers, and other resources here.

Magazines -- direct marketing is the topic of many specialized magazines that help give you the tools to obtain record response

Books -- these books can help you better understand how to use direct marketing.

Associations -- come associate with others in the direct marketing field

Geocoding -- put your data on a map.  These resources can help.


Marketing 1:1 -- The Peppers and Rogers Group web site from the two leading proponents of 1 to 1 marketing.

DMG Direct -- articles and other info. about direct marketing.  Sponsored by mailing list broker.  Somewhat dated.

Advertising World Direct Marketing -- direct marketing links for the web.  May be somewhat out of date. -- an online resource for discussion forums, news wires, classified ads, and article archives oriented toward multi-level marketing.

Database Marketing Institute -- devoted to education and research in database marketing

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Lists, Lists, and More Lists -- This sight claims to have "The World's Best B-to-B Mailing Lists from Information Marketing Services", and they may be right.  Excellent searchable database with datacards.   You should register (it's easy to do) to get a crack at all their lists.  They are a list broker.

Venture Direct -- A leading list manager, with over 300 lists.  Access datacards on-line.

Acxiom Direct Media: -- More mailing lists and databases.  One of the leading database providers.

Cahners Business Lists -- Lists from a major trade publications publisher, primarily business-to-business.  Various selections available on-line.

Lake Group/Compuname -- List manager with a number of key lists, especially of business people.  Datacards on-line.

CC3 -- CC3 manages a number of technology and other lists, including an Internet Technology database. -- A leading list provider and broker.  Investors and business lists.  On-line downloads.

NextMark -- have numerous lists on-line.

HR Direct -- Manage a limited number of lists, but they may be what you are seeking.

Best Mailing Lists -- Compiler with lots of consumer names and some businesses.  Only have counts on-line, not datacards. -- Lists of businesses with multiple selection criteria that you can download from the Web or purchase in bulk.

Dun & Bradstreet -- You can purchase data on "all" the companies in the U.S. and some internationally from an established credit rating company.  Can download from the Web.

Direct Marketing Contact Group -- A full service list broker.  Somewhat dated. -- Find business list from Dun and Bradstreet and Polk consumer lists as well as software, services, and information.  Available for downloading without minimums.

Flash Data -- a leading provider of demographic databases for business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing

Sky View Marketing -- partners with leading companies and organizations to deliver cutting-edge email and community solutions.

American List Council (ALC) -- ALC is the exclusive list manager for dozens of classic mailing lists in virtually every catalog, including consumer & business, magazines, book & music clubs, high tech fundraising, seminars, and more.   Nice collection of How-To articles.

Marketing Information Network (mIn) -- a great source of lists, but only goes through brokers.  Email mIn at for a list of brokers who subscribe to the mIn service. -- designs, develops and distributes products and services that automate and streamline direct marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) processes.

DM News Online List Directory --  searchable database of lists.

Marketing -- the biggest source of marketing data in Europe. Here you will find the tools you need to select, acquire and maintain your most valuable assets - your customer database and direct marketing data.

Colorado Connection

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Information Advantage - Sells lists of new home owners in Colorado.  Download weekly updates for a flat fee each month.  New owners mean new business!

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Target Marketing -- a leading magazine for direct marketing news and advice.

Inside Direct Mail -- a monthly newsletter which will supply you with articles on the latest in direct mail including lists, offers, and how to make direct mail work for you.

DM News -- timely articles about direct marketing.   Current issue and others in the past 30 days on-line; searchable archives to 1998 for $25 annual fee. 

1:1 Magazine -- articles on 1 to 1 marketing by Peppers and Rogers.  Searchable archive.

Direct Magazine -- a magazine about Direct Marketing Management

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The Direct Marketing Association Bookstore -- a good selection of direct marketing books.  Searchable.

From logoamazon.gif (1557 bytes)

Write On Target: The Direct Marketer's Copywriting Handbook -- Donna Baier Stein, Floyd Kemske.   Hardcover.  5 Star Customer Review.

2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success : The Pros Tell You Their Time-Proven Secrets -- Denny Hatch, Don Johnson, Dennison Hatch.  Hardcover.

Direct Marketing Rules of Thumb, 1000 Practical and Profitable Ideas to Help You Improve Response, Save Money, and Increase Efficiency in Your Direct Program -- Nat G Bodian.   Hardcover.  Review:Booknews, Inc. , September 1, 1995:  Subtitled 1,000 Practical and Profitable Ideas to Help You Improve Response, Save Money, and Increase Efficiency in Your Direct Program. Bodian provides guidance on all aspects of direct mail; card packs; mailing lists; list brokers, compliers (sic), and managers; telemarketing; printing, production, and letter shop procedures; and mail-order print ad techniques. The treatment of each topic is geared toward helping readers understand it, use it to best advantage, avoid pitfalls, evaluate other options, and measure response. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

The Complete Direct Marketing Sourcebook : A Step-By-Step Guide to Organizing and Managing a Successful Direct Marketing Program -- John Kremer.   Paperback. 

Review from the publisher, John Wiley & Sons:   Offers over 70 template charts, forms and sample letters for immediate use for the direct mail campaign. In-depth coverage includes locating prime products; calculating costs and break-even points; obtaining the best printing and advertising values; how to design effective promotions; finding and testing lists; handling shipping delays and refunds and much more.

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Direct Marketing Association: -- Find a conference/seminar in your area or get the latest updates in direct marketing.    

Colorado Connection

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Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association -- a thriving professional organization of over 565 direct marketing professionals throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

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Mapblast -- an award-winning Web site that provides users with the most accurate interactive maps and driving directions, as well as extensive information on services and products near a user's address or travel route.  Enter an address, and it tells you the latitude/longitude.

Etak Geocoding -- Enter an address, and it tells you the latitude/longitude, postal code, and Census geography information.

Convert Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees

Longitude: -- a web-based portal for one-stop access to maps, data and other geospatial services that will simplify the ability of all levels of government and citizens to find geospatial data and learn more about geospatial projects underway.

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