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Focus Groups

Articles About Focus Groups -- published articles about focus groups by Thomas Greenbaum, president of Groups Plus

FAQs About Qualitative Research -- information from the Qualitative Research Consultants Association

Focus Group FAQs -- informative FAQs, including cost estimates, from focus group provider B/S/R Group

Focus Group Moderators -- search the Qualitative Research Consultants Association member list Focus Group Facilities --  search  database of more than 1000 permanent focus group facilities from around the world.  Also can search for moderators.

The Directory of Focus Group Facilities -- directory of "all" focus group facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

Market Research Association Blue Book -- search under primary business type for focus group/qualitative facility.

Rincón and Associates -- specializing in the Hispanic, African-American, and Asian markets using focus groups, survey research, and demographic analysis.

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The Focus Group Research Handbook -- by Holly Edmunds.  276 pages (May 1999).

Focus Groups As Qualitative Research (2nd)(Qualitative Research Methods (Paper), Vol 16) -- by David Morgan.  Paperback.  (February 1997) .

Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research -- by Richard A Krueger and Mary Anne Casey.  Paperback.  (April, 2000).  This revised edition provides a step-by-step approach to planning and conducting successful focus groups. Includes suggestions for analyzing the data generated by such groups.

Focus Groups: A Step by Step Guide -- by Gloria E Bader and Catherine A Rossi, Spiral-bound - 40 pages (October 1, 1998).  For those who want to listen and learn from employee and customer groups within an organization using focused group interviews, this is a handy guide. It provides sample agendas, checklists, and communication tools. Roles and tasks of all those responsible for conducting focus groups are described.

The Focus Group: A Strategic Guide to Organizing, Conducting, and Analyzing the Focus Group Interview -- by Jane Farley Templeton, Spiral-bound - 40 pages (October 1, 1998).  The Focus Group provides a complete and clear framework for staging effective interview sessions, accurately interpreting their results and using them in successful marketing strategies. Topics include: the "second coming" of focus groups in marketing and market research; ethics in using focus groups; effective use of focus groups; conflict resolution in focus groups; using focus group resources.

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