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Market Research Information

Books -- Books about performing research

Magazines -- Magazines about market research topics

Market Research Companies -- Companies that perform secondary research, including  InfoTech Marketing Logo

Associations -- Associations for marketing research professionals

Online Market Research Whitepaper -- paper describing secondary and primary research capabilities presented by the Web.  From InfoTech Marketing, this site's sponsor.

Microsoft Excel Formulas & Solutions for Marketing -- Microsoft Excel formulas reference to help you with your analysis.  Also "3 Excel Database Tips for Marketing Efficiency" that explains Excel tips and techniques when using Excel as a database.

Books About Marketing Research

The following links contain books about secondary research and market research in general 

    Specialized Stores

Marketing Research Association Publications Catalog -- Within the store you can purchase or renew a membership, order a classified, register for a conference, or purchase any of our products, including industry standard publications such as the Blue Book 2001 Research Services Directory.

ESOMAR Publications -- numerous publications from an international market research organization.  Prices in Swiss francs.

CASRO Publications -- Council of American Survey Research Organizations publications for sale.   Many oriented towards research firms.



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 Marketing Research --  by David A. Aaker, V. Kumar, George S. Day, George Day.  Hardcover - 816 pages 7th edition (July 2000).  This text takes a "macro-micro-macro" approach toward communicating the intricacies of marketing research and its usefulness to the marketing organization. In describing the marketing research process, a decision-oriented perspective has been adopted to help readers make better decisions. As with previous editions, the text provides thorough coverage of the most advanced and current marketing research methodologies, point out their limitations, as well their potential for enhancing research results.

The Market Research Toolbox : A Concise Guide for Beginners -- by Edward F. McQuarrie.  Paperback (April 1996).  Review:  A resource for novice marketing professionals, defining marketing research of various types, and examining the goals and techniques associated with six traditional market research methods. Also discusses nontraditional market research, and shows how to combine individual market research techniques into a research strategy.

Market Research: A Guide to Planning, Methodology, and Evaluation --  Paul Hague and Peter Jackson.  Paperback.  224 pages 2nd edition (May 1999).

Know Your Market: How to Do Low Cost Market Research (Psi Successful Business Library) -- by David B Frigstad. Paperback.  187 pages (October 1, 1994).  This how-to book explains the importance of market research to the entrepreneur as well as the established business owner. Text, worksheets, checklists, charts and tables provide an informative, practical approach to establishing a market research program. Learn everything from basic market survey techniques to establishing computer based information systems for analyzing large amounts of information. From world renowned marketing expert David Frigstad.

Market Segmentation: Using Demographics, Psychographics and Other Nicche Marketing Techniques to Predict and Model Customer Behavior --  Art Weinstein. Hardcover.  325 pages Revised edition (November 1993)
 This edition of Market Segmentation includes the key elements that made the first edition the resource for marketing professionals. Its state-of-the-art demographic and psychographic segmentation techniques and case studies are completely updated to reflect the latest data and applications. This expanded edition also covers international market segmentation and database marketing/single source data to help analyze market opportunities. Topics include: the pre-segmented market; physical attributes; statistical software; segmentation resources; developing global market strategies.

The Handbook of Online Marketing Research: Knowing Your Customer Using the Net -- by Joshua Grossnickle, Oliver Raskin.  Hardcover - 433 pages 1st edition (September 11, 2000).  Book Info
Shares the latest techniques for conducting marketing research. Walks the reader through defining and understanding the market, developing target markets, assessing the competition and positioning the product, measuring ROI, and other valuable skills.

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Magazines About Market Research

International Journal of Forecasting -- articles on forecasting.  Must subscribe to access most articles.

Journal of Forecasting -- scholarly journal about forecasting.  Can view abstracts, but must subscribe for full text.

Marketing Research -- magazine for marketing research practitioners.  Purpose is to advance the practice and management of marketing research with emphasis given to the application and management of the marketing research function.  From the American Marketing Association

The Journal of Marketing Research -- scholarly journal about marketing research

Quirk's Marketing Research Review -- over 1000 full text articles about marketing research

RFL Online -- RFL Communications' three Research Report newsletters encompass the spectrum of marketing research industry issues. Free sample issues available.  Requires subscription, but can order articles at a low cost.  May be out of date.

Psychology and Marketing -- publishes original research and review articles dealing with the application of psychological theories and techniques to marketing. As an interdisciplinary journal, it serves practitioners and academicians in the fields of psychology and marketing and is an appropriate outlet for articles designed to be of interest, concern and applied value to its audience of professionals and scholars.

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Market Research Companies

These sources provide lists of companies that perform market research.

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Market Research

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American Marketing Association's Marketing Services Guide  -- Extensive list and description of research companies

CASRO Membership Directory -- CASRO is the trade organization for commercial, full-service survey research companies based in the United States. -- Online Market Research Community.  Has discussions, directories, libraries, software, etc.

Quirk's Marketing Research Source Book -- Extensive list and description of research companies

American Association of Public Opinion Research Bluebook -- Companies that conduct public opinion research surveys, many of which also do market surveys

The Market Research Association BlueBook -- searchable directory of 1200 companies that perform research, mainly primary

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Associations for marketing research professionals

Marketing Research Association -- promotes excellence in the marketing and opinion research industry  by providing members with a variety of opportunities for advancing and expanding their marketing research and related business skills

American Marketing Association -- many resources for marketing research folks.  Has market research focus area.

The Marketing Research Roundtable -- the most active market research discussion forum on the Internet.

International Institute of Forecasters -- objectives are to stimulate the generation, distribution, and use of knowledge on forecasting.  It is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 with support from INSEAD, the Manchester Business School, IMEDE, Laval University, and the Wharton School.

Marketing Science Institute -- a unique, not-for-profit institute established in 1961 as a bridge between business and academia. Its mission is to initiate, support and disseminate leading-edge studies by academic scholars that address research issues specified by member companies. MSI functions as a working sponsorship and brings together executives with leading researchers from approximately 100 universities world-wide.  Can purchase publications.

Council for Marketing and Opinion Research -- established to protect the value that marketing and opinion research represents to the public and industry.

Colorado Connection

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Colorado American Marketing Association Chapter -- a professional marketing association in Denver dedicated to advancing the field of marketing in Colorado. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month between September and April.

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