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There are not a lot of resources about setting prices, but these will get you started

General Pricing Information

Pricing Software


General Pricing Information -- website devoted to helping software company executives make better decisions about product pricing.

Price Setting -- useful on-line article about pricing

Which Price is Right? -- informative article about pricing and new techniques from Fast Company.

Applied Market Research Article -- review of methods available to measure consumer response to various prices

The Journal of Professional Pricing -- provides marketing, pricing, finance and general management professionals with insights on methodologies, tools and strategies regarding price setting.

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management -- publishes the highest quality articles and briefings on the major developments, new strategic thinking and applied research in the fields of revenue management and pricing.
Revenue management (RM) has been defined as the study and application of strategic thinking, techniques, tools, and processes, which enable businesses to sell the right product, to the right customer, at the right time, for the right price, thus maximizing revenue.

Currency Converter -- to convert prices between countries, select two currencies, and the converter does the rest.  From Bloomberg.

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Pricing Software

Professional Pricing Society:   Software Resources -- gateway and links to about 10 pricing software programs

Pricedex -- Pricedex is a unique solution for administering and disseminating your pricing.   Pricedex is innovative software that accurately manages and produces price lists and product information catalogs. Pricedex organizes and structures your pricing activities. Canadian.

ProPricer -- Decrease the amount of time you spend on preparing proposals and help make your company more profitable. Make the first move to greater productivity by putting a powerful software solution for proposal pricing and estimating to work for you.

SPSS Conjoint Module -- conjoint analysis can be used to help determine price levels when developing new products.

Pricing Books -- top 10 pricing books from Professional Pricing Society

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