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Primary Market Research

Information on various sampling issues in creating surveys

  Focus groups are used to explore concepts and obtain feedback

  Omnibus surveys allow you to submit questions to a group already being surveyed.   Cheaper than custom research.

  Custom research vendors allow you to create and field your own surveys

  Software that is designed for survey building and analysis

   Tools to build on-line surveys

   Other gateway sites with primary research information

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On-Line Surveys

Postmaster Direct -- great source of e-mail addresses for distributing your survey.

WebSurveyor -- designed to be used by anyone that wants to perform a survey, not just experts in the field of statistical analysis.  You can incorporate standard questions.  They will also host your survey and provide you the results.

Greenfield Online -- maintains panels of consumers and others to answer your surveys.

QuickTake -- a fast, inexpensive way to get Internet users’ reactions to ideas, products, concepts, packaging, political issues, and current events. This leading edge Web-based information tool is invaluable for decision makers who want real-time feedback before risking time, money, or reputation.  12-25 questions.  Sponsored by Greenfield Online. -- maintains the industry's largest targeted research sample source of international, pre-recruited users and buyers of technology products and services.

Other Email List Information

Questionnaire Design and Analysis Workbook -- good source of info for designing your survey.

Survey Questions Library -- has hundreds of professional surveys. Use these survey templates to get ideas or to save time by copying them and modifying them. You can modify them as needed or import questions from them into your own surveys. The libraries are organized by topic area.

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Other Sites

WorldOpinion -- gateway to many research sites, mainly primary research  --  has roundtable, company directory, employment opportunities, and more

Advertising World Market Research -- links to many other resources Marekting Virtual Library -- contains market research category with links.

Research Methods Resources -- good resource with numerous links.  Somewhat academic, but useful for marketing research as well.

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