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Primary Research Software and Analysis


Free Statistical Software Packages -- gateway to various free statistical software packages.

Research Software -- links to various software packages for research.

Statistical Software -- gateway to various commercial and free statistical software.

The Survey System -- the most complete software package available for working with questionnaires. The Survey System handles all phases of survey projects, from creating questionnaires through data entry, telephone interviewing or e-mail surveys to producing tables, graphics and text reports that make you look good.

WebSurveyor -- designed to be used by anyone that wants to perform a survey, not just experts in the field of statistical analysis.  Evaluation copy available.

Survey Pro  -- creates forms for almost any media, and is more than happy to use several within a single survey project file, including allowing different question sets and layouts.

Sensus Web -- lets you create CATI-type questionnaires for the Web. With straightforward efficiency, Sensus lets you create questionnaires ranging from standard scroll down form surveys to those with complex skipping, list handling, and multimedia requirements.

SPSS Market Research -- market research module from leading provider of analysis software.

SAS -- leading provider of analysis and general purpose software.  For SAS support, see this site's sponsor, InfoTech Marketing.

Point of View Survey Systems -- a portable data collection device.


HyperStat -- good online statistics book. Links to other statistics resources.

Center for Disease Control Survey Methodology Training -- overview of survey process, including data weighting

Sawtooth Library -- collection of articles about conjoint analysis from Sawtooth Technologies.  They produce the Sensus software mentioned above

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