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New Product Development

Books -- to help with product development in general

Idea Generation -- information about creativity and new ideas even accountants can use!

Human Factors -- designing ergonomically satisfying products and human-computer interaction

Packaging -- magazines, links and books to help you have the most impact

Inventions for Sale or License -- instead of developing a brand new product, you may want to buy or license technology

R&D/Test labs -- labs that can more fully develop or test what you've got

Software Tools -- tools to help you generate ideas, evaluate new products, and make new product forecasts

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights -- databases of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and legal resources

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Product Leadership : Creating and Launching Superior New Products -- by Robert Gravlin Cooper.  Paperback - 314 pages (May 2000).  Editorial Reviews
Electronic Business
"Cooper brings a systematic approach to the strategy and tactics of product development. His central metaphor is war: `As the [21st] century begins, this new products war looms as the most important and critical war the companies of the world have ever fought. The message to senior people is this: innovate or die!' What Cooper introduces to the equation is discipline. Discipline is setting strategic direction, in committing resources to those projects that support it and in defining and managing the product development process. …Cooper's lists of action items and critical success factors are useful and informative.…[A]s a textbook for preparing for product development war, it's worth having on the bookshelf."

Managing the Design Factory: The Product Developer's Toolkit -- Donald Reinertsen.   Hardcover.  5 Star Customer Review.  Synopsis:  Here is the first comprehensive approach to managing design-in-process inventory from the bestselling author of Developing Products in Half the Time. Donald Reinertsen reveals a transparent system for tracking, measuring, and managing invisible "design-in-process" inventory to achieve lower costs, higher profits, and better processes. 20 line drawings.

Revolutionizing Product Development: Quantum Leaps in Speed, Efficiency and Quality -- Steven C Wheelwrite, Kim B Clark.  Hardcover.  Book Description: Product development experts Steven Wheelwright and Kim Clark draw on six years of in-depth, systematic, worldwide research.  They present proven principles for developing the critical capabilities for speed, efficiency, and quality that have worked again and again in scores of successful Japanese, American, and European fast-cycle firms.  Such innovations include design for manufacturability, quality function deployment, computer-aided design, and computer-aided engineering.  Finally, Wheelwright and Clark emphasize the importance of learning in the organization.

Achieve Planned Innovation: A Proven System for Creating Successful New Products and Services -- Frank R Bacon, Jr., and Thomas W Butler, Jr.  Hardcover.  4˝ Star Customer Review.  Synopsis:  Presenting Planned Innovation--the market-tested, five-step paradigm that has been proven to increase the success rate of new-product ventures in more than 20 companies. This book covers all aspects of PI, including how to cultivate a lasting market orientation, how to formulate selection criteria that reflect strategic objectives and tactical goals, and how to assess positive and negative influences. 44 charts & diagrams National print ads. National author publicity.

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Idea Generation


        Introduction to Creative Thinking -- by Robert Harris.

        Creative Thinking Techniques -- by Robert Harris.


        Brainstorming --  site loaded with ideas, techniques, and software for brainstorming

        Brainstormer -- software designed to help you generate great ideas. Best used among a group, BrainStormer directs you through a complete brainstorming session, step-by-step.  Free 30-day trial.

        Brainstorming 101 -- includes brainstorming and idea generation software

        Creativity Techniques and Creative Tools for Problem Solving -- list and description of many techniques to get your brain humming

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Human Factors

FAA Human Factors  -- provides scientific and technical support for the civil aviation human factors research program and for human factors applications in acquisition, certification, regulation, and standards.

HCI Bibliography -- a free-access online bibliography on  human-computer interaction

Human-Computer Interaction Sites -- gateway to over 600 sites

Bad Human Factors Design -- A scrapbook of illustrated examples of things that are hard to use because they do not follow human factors principles.

Human Factors Consultants -- list of over 100 human factors consultants with links

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        Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction -- Martin Helander (Ed.), Thomas K Landauer (Ed.), Prasad V Prabhu. Hardcover and Paperback.   Review: W. Kolbe, Journal of New Generation Computer Systems:This Handbook is not only an excellent reference but also a guide to the extensive literature in the field of HCI... This great work is written not only for professionals but also for those who seek an understanding of HCI. It is recommended to everybody who is interested in this new and rapidly advancing field. (This review is for the hardcover edition.)

        Human Factors and Web Development -- Chris Forsythe (Ed.), Eric Grose (Ed.), and Julie Ratner (Ed.).   Hardcover and Paperback.  

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Brand Packaging Magazine -- a source of ideas and data to help packaging deliver marketing messages to the consumer more effectively.  Print magazine and subscription based Internet site.  Some brief articles are on-line for free.

Mining Company Design Links -- links to articles and web sites about package design.

Paperboard Packaging Council -- trade association representing the manufacturers of paperboard folding cartons in the United States and internationally. Offers books and resource guide.

Food & Drug Packaging -- monthly tabloid magazine that publishes information on packaging products (machinery, equipment, containers, materials and supplies).

Flexible Packaging Association -- the trade association’s members represent all facets of the industry from the manufacturers (converters) and suppliers of flexible packaging materials and products to the trade press and packaging schools.  Industry facts.  Makes top packaging awards.

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    50 Trade Secrets of Great Design Packaging -- Stafford Cliff.  Hardcover.  Book      Description: Product Packaging Design today offers contemporary Designers the opportunity to work with new methods and materials of construction that allow fresh and exciting ideas, and yet they are more than ever constrained by the most conventional of restrictions, such as low budgets, unimaginative briefs, and consumer research. Fifty packaging projects are selected from a global survey of this prolific industry and analyzed and discussed individually. Tracing the challenge and problems facing some of today's very best designers.

    The Marketer's Guide to Successful Packages -- Herbert M Meyers and Murray J Lubliner.   Hardcover.    It all comes down to a critical ten seconds--when it's just your product and your customer face to face.  Here, two top brand identity and package design experts show how to create packaging solutions that win the customer during first contact. The authors, two top brand identity and package design experts, with a combined 50-plus years of hands-on industry experience, show how to create packaging solutions that win the battle for the customer during that critical first contact. They analyze all the marketing and design components needed to create effective packaging solutions that support and fulfill marketing objectives and strategies.

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Inventions for Sale or License

Inventions for Sale or License -- 900+ patents from clients of a patent attorney

Inventions for Sale -- from InventorsNet, an on-line invention resource

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R&D/Test Labs

Midwest Research Institute -- for more than a half century, MRI has built its reputation applying expert research skills to find solutions for problems facing society. Borne out of the desire to bolster the Midwestern economy, MRI was established in 1944 with a mission to supply needed research for industry and to encourage programs using regional resources

Human Factors Laboratories -- List with links to over 100 human factors laboratories

RPC -- an independent contract research and development organization, providing clients with a wide variety of analytical, technical and professional services on a timely and cost-effective basis. Canadian.

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Software Tools

Software for Creativity & Idea Generation -- gateway to many products with simple links to some suppliers

Bundopt -- quick, affordable generation of reach and financial return reports. Applications range from determining the most profitable features package to developing ad message designs that target specific demographic segments.

Expert Choice -- implements the Analytical Hierarchy Process for product evaluation.

Bass Diffusion Curve -- the popular Bass diffusion curve forecasting model in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- searchable databases of patents and trademarks

Canadian Patent Database -- searchable, Canadian Intellectual Property Office.  Patents and trademarks.

Patent Attorneys -- list of patent attorneys

Copyright Society of the U.S.A. -- links to numerous Web sites regarding copyrights

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