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Research Reports

In performing secondary research, there may already be reports prepared on your topic that are available for purchase.  The following sources provide various reports.  You may also want to examine the Web sites of custom research vendors for study results they publish

Library of Congress -- the Library of Congress purchases a limited number of research reports.  Do a subject search on Market Surveys United States, or Market Surveys if you're interested in international studies, to see what they have.  If your library has an Interlibrary Loan department, you can request these studies through them.  Be prepared to wait a few weeks before receiving, however.

First Research Industry Profiles -- research reports on over 175 industries for $99 each.

IDC -- features more than 60,000 documents covering everything from application service providers, eCommerce, and Linux to digital cameras, portals, and the IT skills shortage. Not only do we offer a broad selection of technology markets, but our global coverage is unmatched in the industry. In this catalog, you'll find research covering markets in Asia/Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, as well as North America.  Also has some free reports for download. -- Search collection of 40,000+ publications from over 350 leading research firms. Purchase only the information you need with our Buy by the Slice option. Instant Online Delivery available for most publications.

Marketsearch Directory -- Guide to 20,000 published market research studies from 700 countries on markets worldwide.

MindBranch -- a market-research services company representing 260  leading publishers to provide companies with an objective, single source for all their business research needs.  Over 10,000 reports available.

Research Portal -- a global leader in Mobile and Wireless Information Services that stands at the center of the mobile economy. Delivers innovative and comprehensive measurement, analysis, and advice to provide businesses with unmatched global resources for understanding and profiting from the mobile arena.  Some free data available.

USADATA -- sells reports and other information of others.

Freedonia Group -- conducts research into numerous industrial markets.  For most reports, can purchase tables and information of particular interest to you.

Frost and Sullivan -- Prepares research reports on different products and services.

Forrester Research -- Research reports on various high-tech subjects.

Gartner Group --  a research and advisory firm that helps more than 10,000 clients understand technology and drive business growth.

Yankee Group -- provides accurate, reliable, and trusted research and consulting services focusing on global communications, wireless, Internet, and e-business markets and technologies.

SRI Consulting Business Intelligence -- Our research identifies the defining forces of change to help our clients expand their perspective. Our expertise and unique tools enable our clients to focus on strategies for action.

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