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Market Research Software

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Statistics and Analysis


Data Mining/Neural Networks

Market Research Software Archive -- demos, freeware and shareware applications that are of use to market research professionals, as well as links to the home pages of those who offer them.

Cole Parmer  -- mainly a scientific equipment company, but statistics and some other programs may be useful to market researchers


Statistics and Analysis

SAS Institute -- provides leading-edge, high quality software solutions to meet the needs of decision makers in business, government, and beyond. A commitment to customer-driven research and development, coupled with strategic alliances with other leading technology vendors, ensures that SAS Institute's customers reap maximum benefit from their investment in SAS software.

SPSS -- SPSS Products & Services, the desktop leader in statistical software, offers products for business intelligence, data mining and analysis

JMP Discovery Software -- By joining statistics with graphics, you are able to see your data from all angles and discover relationships and outliers that you may have missed with
other desktop data analysis packages. purchase at icon

S-Plus -- a leader in exploratory data analysis and statistical data mining

Statistica -- a comprehensive, integrated statistical data analysis, graphics, data base management, and custom application development system featuring a wide selection of basic and advanced analytic procedures for science, engineering, business, and data mining applications. -- list of over 100 software packages.  Includes free downloads and Web-based systems.

StatView -- award-winning interface lets you create and edit your analyses quickly, with an unrivaled amount of flexibility. It is the leading desktop statistical-analysis package for the life sciences market. StatView packs data management, statistical analyses, and presentation tools into a single intuitive and coherent desktop software package that anyone can use.  purchase at icon

MicrOsiris -- a comprehensive statistical and data management package for Windows developed and freely distributed by Van Eck Computer Consulting.  Also includes a statistical decision tree that recommends the type of analysis for your project.

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Mapping/GIS Systems

The Right Site -- targeted site analysis and demographic reference software that is easy to use, designed and priced for any value-conscious business.

ESRI and ArcData -- a GIS software leader, because geography matters

MapInfo -- the worldwide leader in business mapping solutions. We are committed to helping our customers discover the meaning of their information and make better decisions through data visualization and spatial analysis.

        Books -- from logoamazon.gif (1557 bytes)

        GIS Online: Information Retrieval, Mapping and the Internet -- Brandon Plewe.  Paperback.   5 Star Customer Rating.  Synopsis:For people who want to build a Web site based around GIS and mapping technology or to include maps on their Web sites, this text describes the concept of geographic information retrieval and data sharing, outlines motivations for sharing geographic data, and includes step-by-step instructions through the planning and development stages of the Web site.

        The GIS Book:   Understanding the Value and Implementation of GIS -- George B Korte.   Paperback.  5 Star Customer Rating.  Synopsis: Proven through three highly praised editions, The GIS Book, 4th Ed. is a completely revised and greatly expanded resource for anyone who needs to understand what a geographic system is, how it applies to their profession, and what it can do.  **NOTE** - This author also has a software product called "The GI$ Financial Planner"  soon to be available at

        Bringing Geographic Information Systems Into Business -- David J Grimshaw.  Paperback and Hardcover.   ReviewsThe publisher, John Wiley & Sons: Integrating theory and practice, it takes a look at GIS from the dual perspective of information systems and the applications of GIS in business. Considers the development of GIS from specialist geographical systems to business information systems supporting organizational needs. Also examines the contributions that GIS can make to decision making in business at various levels. Introduces the reader to specific problems and issues concerning spatial data. International case studies are used from such corporations as Arby's, IKEA, Levi Strauss and Conrail.

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Data Mining/Neural Networks

NeuroSolutions  -- among the most powerful and flexible neural network products on the market today, yet their intuitive graphical user interfaces make them incredibly easy to use.

SAS Institute -- Enterprise Miner from the SAS Institute provides data mining and neural network solutions

Unica -- Affinium Model, Unica's award-winning data mining software, provides statisticians, modelers, and marketers with tools to understand and anticipate customer behaviors and preferences.

THINKS & ThinksPro -- combine ease of use with state-of-the-art neural network technology. Ease of use makes these products ideal for learning about neural networks. State-of-the-art technology insures that you will get the best possible performance in your neural network application.

    Books -- from logoamazon.gif (1557 bytes)

        **Note**- Neither of these books are deeply mathematical.  These are not meant for developers, but for marketing professionals.

        Data Mining Techniques: For Marketing, Sales and Customer Support -- Michael J A Berry, Gordon Linoff.  Paperback. Description: Describes techniques for detecting customer behavior patterns useful in formulating marketing, sales, and customer support strategies. Covers cluster detection, memory-based reasoning, market basket analysis, genetic algorithms, link analysis, decision trees and neural nets.

        Data Mining Solutions: Methods and Tools for Solving Real-World Problems -- by Christopher Westphal, Teresa Blaxton.  Paperback - 640 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (July 27, 1998) Book Description:  Everything you need to solve real business problems using proven data mining tools and techniques. This valuable overview explores all aspects of commercial data mining tools that database analysts and technically savvy business managers can use to identify sales trends, evaluate and improve performance, monitor financial fraud, forecast investment returns, and much more.

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